"Towards Kenbane"

"Towards Kenbane"
Spectacular Irish coastline on a stormy day

Saturday 11 February 2012

Back to the Drawing Board

A lot has been happening since then - health wise, 2011 was not a good year and I didn't manage to get much of anything done.

Amongst other things, I had planned to start up watercolour classes, get this blog off the ground, film and post painting techniques videos... ah, best laid plans and all that.  We never know what is around the corner - for me it was in and out of hospital.  Thankfully, operation over and now I'm back!

I did have a few things to celebrate however.  Firstly, I was elected into the Watercolour Society of Ireland [WCSI] and hung two paintings at the annual exhbition down in Dublin, Ireland.  The second [and also quite exciting development] was that I am featured in the new book "The Best of Worldwide Watermedia Artists Vol II" by Kennedy Publishing, due out any day now!

The weather has been pretty awful [although we have luckily missed most of the ice and snow so far] and, as a result, my Fibromyalgia [FMS] and Osteoarthritis [OA] has flared up - if I am lucky, I'll maybe get a couple of hours painting every few days or so.

So here goes... watch this space..........

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