"Towards Kenbane"

"Towards Kenbane"
Spectacular Irish coastline on a stormy day

Sunday 3 February 2013


Well, it's been REALLY far too long since my last post and I've probably lost you [wonderful followers] as a result.  However, since I will be posting regularly from now on, I am hoping that some of you will drop by again?

It's not been particularly hectic [in the studio] since the start of the new year, but rather, it's been slow and steady as I completed several commissions.  This is why I haven't been posting...

In approximately two or three weeks, we'll be adding a new ball of fur to our family.... his name is "Bruno Bournville" [just Bruno for short] - he is the puppy at the top right in the photo above....isn't he just so cute?  Bruno and his four sisters and one brother are about 8 weeks old in this photo.  They are growing so quickly now and even a few days brings big changes.

Bruno is a chocolate labrador, the same as his Mummy and Daddy.  Every time I've been to visit, he has snuggled up under my chin and gone to sleep!  Can you imagine how utterly adorable it is to have a warm puppy curl up on your shoulder [I just wonder if he will want to do the same when he's fully grown - yikes]?!

Mika, our German Shepherd, will be over the moon when Bruno comes home - another little soul for her to follow around, play with and 'mother'.... poor pup will constantly have soggy ears because Mika is a very 'licky' dog!  On the other hand, Mugsie our Havana cat, will probably NOT be so happy to see Bruno - at nearly 17 years old I guess he's allowed to be grumpy - I anticipate he will retreat to the safety of upstairs for a while.  After our beloved black labrador, Cody, died of cancer seven years ago, Mugsie was really depressed - he wouldn't come downstairs.  It was a stand-off between us but eventually I had to take his food/water/cat litter up, and, because he wasn't exercising at all, he got SO fat that he looked like a sausage with four toothpicks stuck in it!

I am looking forward to have to work around TWO furry bodies at my feet in the studio instead of just one - how wonderful it's going to be! 

Please do come back to join me to find out how [and WHAT] Bruno, Mika and Mugsie are doing..........
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