"Towards Kenbane"

"Towards Kenbane"
Spectacular Irish coastline on a stormy day

Thursday 17 May 2012

Another new OIL PAINTING

This is another still life, using Vasari oils on 12x16" canvas board.  My medium of preference is M. Graham's Walnut Alkyd Oil and, of course, a selection of bristle and synthetic brushes.

Much of the painting was laid down thinly, wet into wet.  Subsequent layers and finishing details were glazed in once everything had dried.

OK, now that I have eaten all the fruit, this is the last of this series for the time being [except of course perhaps for the juicy pineapple I bought yesterday..... would be really good in watercolour!].

I will shortly start on some wildlife and landscape/seascape paintings next!


Just wanted to share a couple of recent paintings with you.......  here's the first one

Here's that [by now infamous!] white jug again.  This time I set up the still life on a brass tray in full sunshine next to a West facing window, mid afternoon.
I used W&N Artists' quality Acrylics, a 12 x 16" canvas board and a mixture of bristle and sable/synthetic brushes.

The paint was applied using Golden Glazing Medium which made the paint nice and "buttery" without being too runny.
Acrylics do tend to dry fast, especially when using thin glazes, so I had to work quite quickly.  This actually turned out to be a good thing as I didn't have too much time to 'fuss' over detail but, rather, had to just react to what I actually saw in front of me.  I think this resulted in a much 'fresher' looking work.

This painting, before being reworked, was entered [and was voted tops I'm honoured to say!] into one of Richard Robinson's on line workshops. 
Richard's website is actually a fantastic gathering of artists from all over the world and of all abilities - CHECK IT OUT!

I did actually promise to post a pic of the reworked painting on there.. so must get round to do that today!

New WATERCOLOUR in progress

Hello - OK here we are at the beginning of a new watercolour.  The pictures posted show the work at the second glazing stage, plus a close up detail of the grapes.

You will notice that this is more or less the same set up as our last lesson, using one of my favourite props - the white ceramic jug.  I particularly like this jug because of it's shiny surface which picks up all the surrounding reflections, colours and shadows.

The main difference is the lighting and my choice of background - this time I have used a lighter coloured silk scarf.  The tone of the finished painting should therefore be much brighter.

I am using thin glazes of transparent W&N artists' quality watercolour, waiting until each layer is completely dry before applying the next colour.  My palette is the same as the previous lesson used.

I will continue to post pictures of each stage so that you can watch how the painting progresses.

WATCH THIS SPACE.................